All good things must come to an end, but it was only fitting that we close out our Neu York pop-up the same way we came in: with a statement. After putting together some fantastic events and hosting a few exciting parties that spilled into the street, it’s safe to say that our signature pop-up was a success. 

To put a stamp on the weekend, we teamed up with White Claw® to host a panel discussion surrounding the landscape of collaborations in fashion. Moderated by Highsnob’s own Creative Director of North America, Nikki Mirsaeid, our panel included burgeoning designer Tommy Bogo of the dynamic design brand TOMBOGO, multi-disciplinary creative  Brandon “Jinx” Jenkins, and White Claw’s own Head of Brand and Communications Lena Lewis, all three of whom provided a unique and exciting perspective to the conversation.

Adam Nunez, Matthew Weinberger, Adam Nunez

With an emphasis on DIY fashion, the conversation centered around how brands can better explore the fashion world in unique and distinct ways separate from anything done in the past. Speaking through the lens of the most recent collaboration between White Claw and TOMBOGO, which saw the dynamic designer create a bag from can tabs, Bogo and Lewis spoke to the idea of searching for a throughline between brands that may not necessarily seem like an instant match. 

“White Claw has been looking for someone who we felt is equally disruptive in their own category, and TOMBOGO is just that.” Lewis shared. “We wanted to make waves in a unique way, so we gave Tommy creative freedom to experiment with something that would bring out the essence of both of our brands.”

After the panel, guests were shown an exclusive screening of Bogo’s documentary “The Future Is Bright, PFW SS24,” a chronicle of the designer’s journey during his first-ever runway showing at Paris Fashion Week. Through ideation, setbacks, and ultimately triumph, the first public screening of Bogo’s film showcased the clear and cohesive vision he has worked tirelessly to manifest into reality.

Matthew Weinberger, Matthew Weinberger, Matthew Weinberger

To close the night, we held a party celebrating White Claw and Bogo’s efforts to push boundaries in their respective fields. Hosted in the lower level of our Neu York pop-up, guests and friends of both brands indulged in the new White Claw Vodka + Soda flavors and signature cocktails made with White Claw Vodka, while enjoying the vibe curated by DJs Kirou Kirou, ProbablyYourDaddy, and Bogo himself. Additionally, with a select performance by up-and-coming rap artist 454, the evening was cemented as a proper way to end our three-day pop-up experience, offering an appealing mix of innovation and enjoyment–– similar to the feeling of cracking open a cold White Claw. 

To get more information on their imaginative partnership, we sat down with Tommy Bogo to talk about everything that went into bringing the White Claw® collab to life. 

Matthew Weinberger, Adam Nunez, Matthew Weinberger

What makes White Claw such an intriguing brand to collab with?

I love that White Claw was at the forefront of the hard seltzer movement. That spoke volumes as I’ve enjoyed White Claws for years without ever knowing I’d get the chance to one day collaborate with them.

How did this collab challenge your design skillset?

Aesthetically, TOMBOGO and White Claw aren’t exactly parallel in branding, so finding a cohesive design that spoke to both of our brands took some effort.

The construction of the bag was an interesting challenge. I’ve never made a product like this, so figuring out how to piece the tabs together was a notable challenge. 

Describe the inspiration to create the CLAW™ bag. What was the process?

The inspiration came from my design principles of functionality and sustainability. I wanted to make a modular product that could hold a can and was also constructed from pieces of the can itself. 

We essentially found pre-existing hardware and material in my studio to match the resourceful energy that White Claw brought to the table.

Matthew Weinberger, Matthew Weinberger

In your opinion, what can White Claw offer to the fashion space?

Our collaboration is a great start towards a clue of their capabilities. Supporting emerging designers and continuing to create innovative products that speak volumes in the industry is a lane in which I could see them thriving.  

How does the collab play into themes that you already communicate through your work?

Functionality and sustainability are prominent themes in TOMBOGO already, so this product essentially reflects those principles. 

What does a partnership like this mean to you at this point in your career?

It means so much. To collaborate with a huge beverage brand that I’m a fan of and is found at every store and bodega is pretty surreal. 

Like I said, I actually am a customer of White Claw and would bring them to the park, the beach, etc., so it's inspiring to collaborate with a brand and product that I genuinely enjoy. 

Matthew Weinberger, Matthew Weinberger, Matthew Weinberger

What do you hope a Tombogo x White Claw collab represents on a broader scale?

To me, this partnership represents the possibilities of collaboration we may have never considered. Even though we are two very different brands, we share many of the same values regarding energy and brand mission.

It’s possible for emerging designers to partner with iconic beverage brands; you don’t have to be a colossal designer to create an impactful partnership. 

Hopefully, this opens the door for other unique collaborations. The TOMBOGO White Claw® flavor is next; just wait on it!!

Revisit our favorite moments from signature Neu York pop-up from NYFW here!

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