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This week we’re highlighting a luxurious label from Paris, weed-referencing streetwear from Los Angeles and an eccentrically exciting brand straight out of NYC. Check them out below and don’t forget to vote for your favorite Under the Radar brand for 2017 in this year’s Highsnobiety Crowns.


From: New York, USA.

In a Nutshell: A colorfully energetic lookbook featuring an eclectic array of unconventional models.

Key Pieces: The turquoise soccer kit is a surefire way to rep one of the Big Apple’s dopest up-and-coming brands.


From: Paris, France.

In a Nutshell: Rocked by Future in the latest issue of Highsnobiety Magazine, this Parisian label offers high-end cuts with luxurious materials that look like a mix between Balmain and Fear of God.

Key Pieces: If you can find the appropriate occasion to rock the crazy snakeskin tuxedo jacket in #3, then we can assume that you’re doing all of the right things in life.

Cold World Frozen Goods

From: Vancouver, Canada

In a Nutshell: Hoodies, T-shirts and accessories printed with playful graphics inspired by ”janky signs, bad hand-drawn graphics, food packaging mascots, weird bootlegs, plumbing vans, mistakes, jokes, and music”.

Key Pieces: The T-shirt featuring Mickey Mouse panned out, downing a bottle of beer is one of the most humorously dark pieces we’ve seen all year.

Mister Green

From: Los Angeles, USA.

In a Nutshell: This LA-based label provides a masterclass in West Coast cool fueled by good weather and good weed.

Key Pieces: The Coexist hoodie is a tongue-in-cheek bootleg of Piotr Młodożeniec’s infamous design.

Pot Meets Pop

From: Bandung, Indonesia

In a Nutshell: For their ”Stoners Legend Reunion” collection, Pot Meets Pop’s designers decided to return to their roots through emblazoning pieces from the collection with quotes from the legends that have influenced them.

Key Pieces: The olive green ”Money Can’t Buy Life” shirt features the final words Bob Marley apparently uttered to his eldest son, Ziggy.

Me Dic Al

From: Gelsenkirchen, Germany

In a Nutshell: A futuristic lookbook featuring plenty of motocross-inspired, club-ready bangers.

Key Pieces: The shimmering pants in image #4 give off an attention-grabbing glimmer once direct sunlight or flash lighting hits the material.

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