There has been a myth often perpetuated in mainstream media that skate on the continent of Africa only exists in places like South Africa and Ethiopia, but Nigerian skate team and streetwear brand WAFFLES N CREAM is shaping a new story.

WAFFLES N CREAM is Nigeria’s first-ever skate crew who produced the country's first skate edit "Jide." Last year we got to catch up with co-founder of the brand, Jomi, and this time we're back with a photo essay on the unique skate culture in West Africa.

For WAFFLES N CREAM, skating is not just about pushing athletic boundaries, but also about creating a family and having like-minded people who share a similar outlook and drive. They aim to create a subculture that expands the Nigerian experience and also connects streetwear, skate and social impact.

Despite Nigeria being one of the most populated countries in Africa, the lack of infrastructure and resources has made it difficult for kids in action sports to take their talents to the next level. Although there are tremendous hurdles to overlap, the kids at WAFFLES N CREAM are trying to shape skate culture in Nigeria and create a space for themselves to fulfill their vision of building the country's first skate park, store and community for skaters.

WAFFLES N CREAM are taking strides towards this vision and hosting their first gallery exhibition in Lagos from February 3 to March 15.

WAFFLES N CREAM Skate Shop: 234a Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria

For all information on the brand and their exhibition, check out their website.

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