What a time to be a basketball fan. Nike’s partnership with the NBA heads into its 5th year, the league celebrates its 75th anniversary, and the WNBA’s historic 25th season hast just come to. a close. To make things even better, the new 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms have been unveiled.

Basketball jerseys are a cultural item in their own right, transcending the court to become a staple of casual wardrobes worldwide. Sports fans or not, we all know somebody with a Miami Heat, Bulls, or Lakers jersey (or two) that gets some serious mileage in summer.

With the Nike NBA City Edition uniforms, expressing your adoration for your favorite team or simply rocking a classic sportswear style feels more accessible. Unlike traditional seasonal uniforms, the city editions afford their designers greater creative freedoms, exploring key moments and cultural references from each team’s home cities.

As the Swoosh reveals the NBA 2021-22 City Edition lineup, we examined each to pick our favorites.

Fabian Gorsler – Footwear Editor

"For casual NBA fans more concerned with how they can incorporate their favorite team’s jersey into an outfit, the Nike City Edition uniforms are a godsend. More often than not, the jerseys feature special color schemes and iconic graphics that are almost too nice to soil in a pickup game. This year’s haul of city edition uniforms are some of the best, so picking a top three was especially difficult.  My personal picks, in no particular order, have to be the Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors, and the Denver Nuggets."

Bailey Anderes – Writer Intern

"As I'm from Milwaukee, my favorite city edition jersey is the Bucks. I really like the addition of purple again. Last year all the jerseys were a combination of green and white, I think the purple really rounds them out.

Top 3? Bucks 3 times."

Sam Cole – Assosiate Stye Editor 

"I'm not all that clued up on the comings and goings of the NBA, but I've always enjoyed keeping up on new jerseys. The same goes for football. Nike and the NBA's city edition uniforms are great; they offer a nice entry point for the casual fan and those like myself that take a greater interest in the apparel. These are the type of uniforms you can rock in summer without feeling like a 'glory hunter' or 'poser.'

Top three for me have to be the Lakers, Utah, and Bucks."

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