Who: North West

The outfit she’s wearing: A miniature Dries Van Noten Vaudi Faux Fur Coat; a button-up shirt with slouchy pants; and the newly released adidas Yeezy Boost 700 MNVN

Location: Paris

Why it works: When six-year-olds go through a color phase, it rarely goes well. North is the exception. Haters have lampooned the Cheeto-esque color palette, and to that, we say, “let the kid have a little Dries Van Noten as a treat!”

The eldest of the West-Kardashian brood carries off this especially challenging shade with an unnerving seriousness that would strike fear into many a front-row guest. Bonus points for opting for an entirely cruelty-free fabric option (aunt Kylie take note).

Editor’s Notes: It seems like only yesterday that North West was scowling at paparazzi in a Yeezus Tour jacket. More recently, she looks to have been exercising her sartorial independence.

Although she's remained faithful to DadYe in terms of footwear, you won't catch her in the neutral SKIMS tones favored by her mother and aunts. This PFW drip gestures towards characters like Big Bird and the loud, unapologetic aesthetics of The Muppets. Meanwhile, the jacket's open front design and front pockets make for a versatile playtime option.

It seems as though Kim is supportive of her creative expression. After all, nothing signals motherly approval like some well-placed fire emojis.

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