Virgil Abloh's Off-White™ is being sued by OffWhite Productions LLC (aka creative design agency OffWhite Co) for allegedly infringing the latter company's trademarks, The Fashion Law reports.

In its complaint, filed at New York's Southern District Court this weekend, OffWhite Productions claims that Abloh's label hijacked its name, which it says it has used since the late ’90s, approximately 15 years before Off-White™ was founded in 2012.

The design agency, which was founded by Joshua White and whose clients include Nike's Jordan Brand and Coca-Cola, states that it has been “operating a website at since July of 2001” and “maintaining an active Twitter account with the handle @offwhitedesign.” However, the account hasn't posted any of its own content since 2015.

The complaint states that OffWhite Productions attempted to reach Off-White™ directly to ask the streetwear brand to "cease such infringing conduct," claiming that Off-White™ “refused to alter [its] conduct whatsoever in response to these communications” and continued to file for new trademarks, one of which was a logo OffWhite Productions claims is "unmistakably similar" to one of its own logos, with the application made out of "spite."

OffWhite Productions asserts that Off-White™ has attempted to “steamroll its way over and past [OffWhite Productions'] superior and senior rights in the OFFWHITE trademark,” and as a consequence has been “threatening to erect a commercial, branding, and legal roadblock to the expansion of [OffWhite Productions’] business."

Read the full The Fashion Law report here.

If you would like to see more about Off-White™, check the video below.

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