Estonian architecture company ÖÖD has designed a portable, pre-fabricated "mini house" that can be ready to move into in as little as eight hours.

The house features a 200 square feet open-plan space, which includes a bed, kitchenette and bathroom . But just because it's small, doesn't mean you'll be roughing it — each house comes equipped with heated flooring, WiFi, a large touchscreen TV and a Bose sound system.

The exterior of the house has a mirrored finish, so the house beautifully reflects and blends into whatever surrounding its placed in. The inside also has insulated 'privacy glass' allowing guests to comfortably appreciate the view.

The ÖÖD house is designed for short-term living — for things like weekend getaways or Airbnb listings — but this house looks so cosy we wouldn't mind living there full time.

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