OPKIX just released a new Black Mirror-era wearable camera that lets you post directly to social media. As you can see in the gallery above, the tiny camera integrates into accessories and can also attach to eyewear. They can even affix to selfie sticks, if that's your vibe.

At just under four inches, the OPKIXOne packs some seriously futuristic features. Each camera can record up to 15 minutes of continues footage which can then be edited. It also lets you add filters and music before uploading it to the 'gram.

We've become pretty accustomed to having our memories mediated by a phone screen. This camera's biggest draw is that it lets you focus on what you're doing and actually participate in what you're recording, rather than watching from behind an iPhone. Expect more immediate, and potentially more extreme content on your feed following its release today.

It's available from opkix.com now, starting from $295.

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