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The activewear specialists at Outdoor Voices are on a roll. The brand’s take on stylish activewear has caught our attention and its direct-to-consumer model will likely interest you, too.

This week, OV is bringing new fabrics while keeping a technical focus. The latest collection utilizes Merino wool, which is notable for its breathable nature and ability to regulate body temperature. Not only will the apparel keep you cool with its odor and sweat wicking properties, but it’s also wrinkle resistant and naturally antimicrobial.

Sourcing the material is Global Merino, a manufacturer acclaimed for its commitment to producing a natural product and a sustainable supply chain that is socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Overall, the latest from Outdoor Voices asserts its position as a performance-minded brand with a beautiful aesthetic. Not only were the pieces designed to look good, but also to be lived in- whether you’re running outdoors or simply running errands.

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Words by George Ocampo for Selectism 

Words by Staff