You may not have started stacking your wardrobe with Pantone's official shade for 2019, but the forecast for the color of Spring 2020 is already here.

During a seminar at Sourcing at Magic in Las Vegas, Pantone Color Institute's VP Laurie Pressman revealed that next year, it's all about the ocean. The inspiration draws from ideas around mindfulness and inclusivity in times of rapid cultural change.

However, before you start throwing all those potential coral items in the bin, know that the sea theme doesn't just involve shades of blue — this is about inclusivity, and coral does grow in the sea after all.

“Browns are important across the gamut and are inspired by dried seaweed and driftwood," Pressman explained. In other words, a myriad of colors will serve to represent the vast oceans. Pressman identified blue as a cornerstone, but also highlighted green for its cool, oxygenated tones, and shades that go outside the lines. “It’s anything but flat," she summarized.


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