Paris Fashion Week sounds glamorous, right? It might be if you're a mega-famous rapper or gazillionaire designer, but for the 99%, fashion week is a pretty brutal experience. The industry's foot soldiers — editors, PRs, photographers, showroom assistants, sales agents, buyers — have to drag themselves from appointment to appointment, trying to stay on top of a million different things as they rush in and out of Ubers.

That's the inspiration behind this new set of warped and distorted photos from Berlin-based photographer Maansi Jain, who chronicled all the various dishes people consumed during the FW18 womenswear installment Paris Fashion Week this March.

Far from the Michelin-star glamor that you'd expect from the industry, fashion week attendees settles for bakeries, late-night fast food joints, cheap bistros, and whatever complimentary snacks were on offer at showrooms (plus, of course, free booze). Basically, when you've been dragging yourself all over Paris for 14 straight hours and still need to catch up on emails, food is the last thing on your mind.

Feast your eyes (sorry) on the image set above, and for more fashion week antics, check out the best sneakers worn on the streets of Prague.

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