Architectural bags! Cocktail dressesShoes that inexplicably have spirit levels attached to them! Paris Fashion Week Men's FW20 had it all. If you missed out on all the hoopla that went down in la Ville des Lumières last month, refresh your memory with our deep cut of the best bits.

Clocking in at just under an hour, the compilation features contributions from the likes of Michèle Lamy, Takashi Murakami, Kenneth Faried, and Michael Dupuoy. In addition to contracting acute frostbite while filming vox pops in plummeting temperatures, we were also lucky enough to catch up with some of the hottest designers in the game backstage. Jonathan Anderson, Emily Bode, Heron Preston, and Reese Cooper are but a few of the faces you might recognize. Oh, and there's also Offset from Migos. It's like a fashion fever dream you won't want to wake up from!

Watch the footage below, and then revisit our fashion week hub.

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