With holiday season fully in swing, you should be mentally preparing yourself to spar with family members holding ignorant views of the issues facing the world today. For a little help with dunking on climate change deniers, specifically, Patagonia has arrived with its Action Works initiative.

From Black Friday through December 31, Patagonia will allow you to make a donation in the name of the offending party in your life. You can then send them an eCard, or if you want a more tangible way to rub it in, via a physical card you can print out at home or pick up in store. Even better, Patagonia will match all donations before reaching a total of $10 million.

"Black Friday is often a day when we go out and buy things we don’t really need and give them to people who don’t really want them,” Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario said on LinkedIn. "This year, consider giving to our home planet in the name of someone you love. Give to the tireless, community-based groups who work to save clean water and air in your neighborhoods, our public land treasures, our wild animals and birds, and our wide oceans."

To make your donation, head to Patagonia's site beginning Friday.

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