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A lesser-known member of the Paul Smith family, the Red Ear label is something of an oddity. Rarely talked about, it has been quietly doing its thing for quite some time now. A translation of the Japanese term for selvedge, “akamini,” the sub-brand is unsurprisingly denim-centric. Taking everyone’s favourite fabric as a starting point, Mr Smith’s love for workwear is reflected in a collection utilitarian at its core. The Japanese influence plays heavy in textiles and prints, reflected in a range of unique pieces, many of which have been woven on 1920s Japanese wooden shuttle looms in order to obtain that unique texture. For Spring/Summer 2015, Red Ear pushes a less literal line, keeping that Japanese spirit alive with more subtle hints of traditional pattern and plenty of indigo. Lightweight tie-dye tees and knits sit beside western shirts, military-inspired jackets, gingham work shirts and of course plenty of denim for a finely-crafted line-up of casuals that should see you right for summer.


Words by Lena Dystant