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Venus is currently in retrograde which means that the universe is throwing our relationships into chaos and forcing everyone into a deep state of revaluation. Amidst all that internal reflection, it’s most important to be in tune with yourself though. Leeds trio PEAKES dive into this mindset through their latest single “Still Life.” Frontwoman Molly Puckering explained that the introspective song is about “the moments when you become so introverted you exist in your own universe.” She adds, “When you isolate yourself from the rest of the world and become dependent on your own company.”

Today, we’re premiering the accompanying visual directed by Fiona Burgess. Her interpretation of the song is based on her personal experience with PTSD and the trauma she suffered from giving birth. Burgess elaborated more in an email to Highsnobiety.

“The days and weeks that followed are still a blur, but I will never ever forget the moments of calm amidst the chaos,” she said. “The time I spent in the bath tub, my skin feeling nourished and soft. The moments where I just cried, feeling like I’d lost my sense of self. And then the moments of sheer happiness, waking up from a long, deep sleep and feeling renewed. These experiences lead me to make this film. I wanted to show other women’s experiences of isolation. Whether breastfeeding their child, taking a bath or missing a loved one, this film is an intimate portrayal of women who each have their own story to tell. This film captures the moments nobody else ever sees. When we can feel our most isolated but equally our most confident. Perhaps they are lonely, perhaps they are in pain, or perhaps they are quietly content. Each person’s story is different.”

Take some time to yourself and watch the gorgeous narrative unfold in the video below.

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Words by Sydney Gore
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