Phillipp Plein, the German designer behind various hard nopes including this questionable Stüssy x Dior homage and this (understatement alert) tone-deaf one to Kobe Bryant, has grabbed our attention once again. Thankfully this time the reason has nothing to do with offensive apparel, but everything to do with a $200 million house he's currently renovating for himself.

Plein unveiled his architectural showstopper on Instagram, complete with an all caps tangent that literally screams about the structure's previous owner — "MULTIBILLIONAIRE Howard Hughes! LEGENDARY ENTREPRENEUR, FILMMAKER, AVIATOR AND PLAYBOY," along with what reads like a revised blurb for the 2004 movie The Aviator (based on Hughes' life) starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Yet while the caption is essentially an excited descent into complete mind-melt, that's not the best bit about the post. No, the highlight is that he tagged the announcement with a link to the mansion's own Instagram account. So of course, we're taking it upon ourselves to do our best Selling Sunset impression and list just a few of the property's most head-turning elements.

The house — otherwise known as Chateau Falconview — sits on 3.6 acres of land in Bel Air. It boasts a guest house, a long winding driveway, and many, many unique design features including: 200 "costume vases," hand-painted wallpaper printed with lyrics from Mozart's opera The Magic Flute, leopard print ceilings, "fairytale jungle" wallpaper (we're not sure, either), a 24k gold gaming arcade, marble gladiator statues, a Beauty and the Beast inspired staircase, crest embossed door handles, a diamond-shaped bathtub that looks like the Tesla Cybertruck fucked a spa, and a LOT of Swarovski chandeliers.

But frankly, nothing we could say will do the place justice (it gives Drake's place a run for its money). Find a few choice pics below and then head over to Chateau Falconview for the full shabang.


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