Porsche is making dreams a reality with the launch of a new international immersive art campaign. The Art of Dreams is a multi-city initiative that sees Porsche traveling the world to celebrate the power of dreams through art. As Ferry Porsche once said, “those lucky enough to build a business out of a dream owe it to the world to be the caretakers of dreams.”

The brand’s newest pursuit will bring life to those very words. The car brand synonymous with top-of-the-line design will kick off The Art of Dreams in none other than a city steeped in art and luxury: Paris.

The events kick off with the launch of French artist Cyril Lancelin’s ‘Remember Your Dreams’ at the Palais Galliera Musée de la mode de la Ville de Paris on October 15. The work is interactive, immersive, and, best of all, inflatable. Lancelin’s piece invites guests to step out of their everyday reality and into a decidedly surreal one of his own creation. The installation will be open to the public and run until October 24.

Cyril Lancelin is known for his captivating work that creates links between physical and fictional dimensions. The artist, who lives and works in Lyon, is highly influenced by immersive experiences and movement. His forthcoming piece at the Palais Galliera Musée is a true testament to his commitment to these themes. Together with Porsche, he has developed a world that is entirely his own.

Porsche’s tour doesn’t stop there, however. After Paris, The Art of Dreams moves to Milan for an appearance that coincides with the 2022 Salone del Mobile, before continuing to another (as of now) undisclosed location outside of Europe. Like Paris, each site will feature an art and design-focused commission that celebrates Porsche’s dream-making power and invites visitors even further into that world.

After the art and design worlds took a particularly hard hit during the pandemic, Porsche aims to breathe new life into the creative fields it finds so important. The Art of Dreams initiative is a celebration of these worlds and how they can help us better understand our own.

More information on the Art of Dreams tour and Lancelin’s upcoming piece is available here.

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