March 23 marks National Puppy Day here in the States, but instead of styling your pups like they just walked out of their Upper East Side loft, maybe you can get them #snobshots ready.

Pawkier is a new brand helping the streetwear savvy match up with their canine companions. The New York based brand has channeled their passion for fashion and dogs into a collection of pet-sized hoodies. Their latest includes a play on Kanye West's "Pablo" merch, a very VLONE-suggestive option, and a number of "Anti Social Puppy Club" pieces in available in multiple colors.

We know its a Thursday, so after you're done crying over the L's you took from today's Supreme drop, get into the holiday spirit and get your four-legged friend fresh too. Peep the gallery above and let us know if you'd like to see your own hounds hooded in that new-new.

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