Twitter erupted in chaos yesterday after fans devoured the new Rick and Morty season four trailer and learned that only "five all new episodes" would be dropping early November. It would seem that many took this to mean that the fourth installment would only contain five episodes in total, which, thankfully, is not the case

The uproar began after viewing a message tagged onto the end of the trailer that read: "Five All New Episodes starts Sunday, November 10." What people didn't seem to realize is that Rick and Morty season four will actually contain 10 episodes, but they will drop in two halves, with the second presumably airing at some point in 2020.

What's more, last year it was confirmed that the show has been guaranteed a whopping 70 more episodes, meaning there's a lot more Ricky and Morty adventures to go on before their wild story concludes.

Rewatch the trailer below and keep scrolling to see some of the initial reactions to the news.




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