One of the main perks of being even slightly known, let alone full-blown famous, is having people throw free stuff at you. Saint Kardashian West is too young to even begin to comprehend the intricacies of gift-giving, yet he has already received a custom-made leather flight jacket from the one and only Ralph Lauren.

The image, as you'd expect, first surfaced on Kim Kardashian's Instagram (Saint hasn't got the dexterity in his fingers, nor the spatial awareness to use it to any great effect yet, but we're sure his mother will be very proud when he posts his first selfie) and shows a brown leather tailor-battered bomber with a collar.

His name appears to be stencilled on the inner lining and on the box as well, which features the image of a pilot, and comes accompanied with a letter from Mr. Polo himself. Maybe it's a sign that Saint is about to take up flying lessons, or maybe RL are trying to sign him up early, before he inevitably moves into the fashion game himself. Only time will tell.

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