To our readers:

It’s been an amazing eight years for Selectism. But today, we believe the division between Selectism and our brother platform, Highsnobiety, is only in name.

In the beginning the two sites were like opposing ends of a seesaw: One side (Highsnobiety) focused on identifying the surge in street fashion while the other (Selectism) was a specialized platform for premium, heritage and workwear brands. Yet over the years, as trends have changed, so too has the balance of the seesaw. “Streetwear” has dipped deeper into premium positioning, and vice versa.

The truth is, our readers love both. So going forward we’re placing the platforms on equal footing.

What does that mean for Selectism?

Starting today, you’ll find Selectism stories populating the Highsnobiety page. However, our focus will remain the same: To showcase and deliver products that represent a more refined, artisan-focused take on fashion, design and art.

These stories will be easily identifiable through a special “Selectism” badge, and for our readers who prefer only Selectism stories and editorials, the URL will filter out all other content.

This is a new chapter for Selectism and one that we’re quite excited about. A big thanks to the brands, retailers, agencies and of course, readers, that have shaped Selectism for the last eight years. Our promise to you is that it's only going to get better.

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