We may spend most of our time talking about designer garms and fresh kicks, but we know there’s a whole lot more to looking good than what you’re packing in your closet. Groom Service is your no-BS guide in how to look, smell, and feel better. This week we take a look at how to pamper all five senses.

You’ve got five ways to experience the world — touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound — and each sense needs attention to perform optimally. Sometimes this can be to your benefit, at others it benefits those nearby, but it’s always worth going the extra mile (inches, really) to sharpen or preserve each of your five senses.

While we could offer hundreds of self-care tips within this area, here are enough to count on just one hand — one for each sense, to give you a sense of empowerment and personal betterment as you improve yourself and your life in 2019.

Touch: exfoliate everywhere

If you’ve heard one thing about exfoliation, it has probably been in regard to the face. Scrubbing your face removes the dead skin that might otherwise clog pores and allows your healthiest cells to surface. The added benefit, besides fewer breakouts, is a smoother, brighter complexion.

But it’s not just your face you can and should exfoliate. While you’re probably less concerned with the smoothness of your arms, love handles, and feet, nothing feels better than slogging off all that dead skin and giving your healthiest cells the chance to shine or simply feel appreciated. And you will feel the appreciation, trust us.

So buy a body scrub such as Les Bains Guerbois and churn away from shoulders to toes, using a designated face scrub for your neck and face. Callused feet might require more filing, but the rest of your body should feel fresh, light, aerated, tingly, and so forth. Better yet, follow it with a body oil like Public Goods’ Argan Oil, as your fresh dermis will be in prime shape to absorb hydration and nourishment. The benefits will only multiply.

3 Salt Melting Body Scrub

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Taste: stay hydrated to mitigate bad breath

While this tip won’t improve how food tastes, it will prevent others from having to smell or taste your breath. Take note: staying hydrated — with actual water, that is — will prevent most bad breath fiascos. You still need to brush your teeth, of course — only toothpaste and mouthwash will save you from lingering garlic — but the simple act of hydrating your body will prevent dryness in the mouth.

When the mouth is dry and void of saliva, it has a harder time breaking down food particles, meaning the bacteria in your mouth start to break them down and “digest” a sulfur byproduct. That's what makes your breath smell bad. It’s also why your breath always smells worse in the morning — your saliva production decreases and the mouth becomes dehydrated.

Smell: get a signature scent for your home

We put a lot of focus on finding the right scent for our bodies, but the space you inhabit should be just as stimulating to the senses. It’s the first thing your guests will notice when they visit and the thing they’ll remember about your home and comment on to their other friends.

Pick something that doubles as aromatherapy, such as lavender or vetiver, whether it’s a candle, diffuser, incense, or otherwise. This should be a scent that you activate even while home alone, to give you that sense of calm and reprieve.

Stone Diffuser

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Sight: switch to daily contact lenses

Contact wearers know how difficult it is to manage lens rotation. It’s a headache enough to get your eyes checked, but then you have to order expensive monthly lenses. You end up making one month’s set of lenses last for two or three months to compensate for losing or tearing any later in the year — and put off another visit to the optometrist.

This is really bad for your eyes. They get itchy, swollen, irritated, and even infected. Those lenses dry up, perform less optimally, and become a threat to your vision and overall eye health.

That’s why it’s better to switch to daily contacts like those offered by Hubble. These lenses are designed for short-term performance and are simply discarded at the end of the night. You needn’t worry about storing, re-wearing, or prolonging your prescription — nada.

Your eye health shouldn’t be endangered by a preservation game with monthlies. A daily prescription also ensures you make properly timed visits to the optometrist, who can update your prescription every year, so you won’t be wearing the same prescription for three consecutive years. Be better to yourself!

Sound: wear filters when you go out

It might look square to wear earplugs to a club, and the experience certainly sounds compromised — every conversation seems like it’s happening underwater. But your hearing is a precious thing and something that deteriorates all the quicker if you spend your time at gigs or clubs.

That’s why companies started developing sound filters. They act like earplugs in that they reduce the clamor and the damage caused to your ear canals and drums, but they don’t garble the sound. Instead, the filters channel sounds through a passage inside the device, giving them that extra hurdle to cross before they hit your ear. It lessens the strain but keeps music and conversations with those around you crisp and clear.

Plus, plenty prioritize design, like Loop, which leaves you looking stylish instead of square and keeps your lugs in perfect working order.

Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs



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