Shia LaBeouf has released his latest project Love Me Like You Hate Me, a short film co-starring Margaret Qualley and a soundtrack by Qualley's sister, Rainsford.

LaBeouf has been teasing the new project on his Twitter account where the actor and frequent performance artist tweeted alternating posts of "LOVE ME" and "HATE ME" for several weeks. The feature comes from LaBeouf and Rönkkö  & Turner, the collective behind various performance art projects including the anti-Trump "He Will Not Divide Us" live-streams that began in 2017 and #AloneTogether, which saw LaBeouf enduring self-imposed isolation in a Finnish cabin.

The short movie uses a split-screen to convey the tenderness and toxicity of a personal relationship, with abstract movement sequences choreographed by Ja Collective. The film, which feels more like an extended music video, may strike a chord with those navigating personal relationships under the close quarters of quarantine, or generally serve as a reminder of the importance of human companionship.

The film's nudity puts this film firmly in the NSFW category, so brace yourself.

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