Snarkitecture's Snark Park is opening to the public today. Located on Manhattan's West Side at Hudson Yards and serving as a home for Snarkitecture's creative ideation, the space merges the worlds of art, architecture, and retail. It will hold three immersive exhibitions every year, with everything at the site, from the music to the merchandise, installation, and even the scents, curated by the Snarkitecture design studio.

The "Lost and Found" exhibition will inaugurate Snark Park, leading visitors to engage with the space on a multi-sensory level. A modern interpretation of an enchanted forest, "Lost and Found" is built from a series of inhabitable columns. To complete the experience, Snarkitecture has partnered with Polish musician Jacaszek on exclusive sounds for the installation.

Snark Park is also joining with KITH Treats for an exclusive new ice cream flavor, Snark Bite, which will be available to visitors alongside KITH Treats' standard offerings. Visitors can also purchase limited edition souvenirs developed by Snarkitecture. The first collection comprises items such as mugs, snow globes, notebooks, umbrellas, shot glasses, and more.

Finally, Snark Park offers guests the opportunity to buy the plush "Snarky" toy found in the claw machine at the entryway. "Snarky" will become part of a collectible series.

Snark Park is located on the second level of the shops and restaurants at 20 Hudson Yards. To purchase tickets, visit "Lost and Found" is on display through to August 2019.

Snark Park 20 Hudson Yards New York, New York 10001

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