Other / Solange Knowles, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

Solange follows up her “Bridge-s,” performance series at The Getty Center with a new performance piece this weekend. The work titled, “Nothing to prove, Nothing to Say” will close the 58th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale tomorrow.

On Sunday, November 24, at 3:45 p.m. Knowles will close out the prestigious exhibition with new musical compositions and performance works as part of the biennale’s official performance program, “Meetings on Art.

Aaron Cezar, the Director of the Delfina Foundation explained, “Solange is at the forefront of this movement of artists who understand performance not as a medium but as a way of processing the world around us. Spanning music, movement, design and visual art, her practice breaks out of accepted categories and genres, and critically questions why these boundaries exist in the first place.”

The musical performance piece will explore themes of protection, transformation, and spiritual expedition, and will feature choreography from “Bridge-s” by artists Gerard & Kelly.

Attendees are encouraged to wear all black. Purchase tickets here.

Weekend Staff Writer

Isabelle is an Australian writer based in Berlin.