Having only formed in 2019 collective SSSTUFFF have already sent shock waves through the sun-kissed streets of Barcelona with their off the wall, kick in the door, take no prisoners style of retailing and design. The brand recently opened their first pop-up store in the Catalan capital and it's a full-on 360 riot of color, sound, and retail madness all set to the theme of an east Asian supermarket.

The collective behind SSSTUFFF founded by Jepi and Ho started out as just a group of young creatives fed up with the current commercial offering in their hometown and beyond with a desire to brighten up the dull consumerist world they reside in. They rapidly began putting their minds together to create products that offered much much more than just an item to wear but a truly functional and exciting experience. SSSTUFFF has not just confined this way of thinking to the product. It makes sure the experience from initial marketing to the virtual and physical action of buying the product leads to a more artistic and experimental experience altogether.

Both SSSTUFFF's retail and e-commerce platforms boast a skillfully curated selection of streetwear staples that include the likely offenders- Bape, Supreme, Palace, and Original Fake - but the real stuff of dreams is the brands own offering of innovative and functional pieces. Bringing in ideas and inspiration from their crazy reality, childhood memories, and everyday items they come across on their travels, SSSTUFFF is carving a unique universe for its existing and future brand followers. Recent highlights have included the phonebooth hoodie, with coin slot pocket, their UV and heat reactive color-changing T-shirts, and the brands latest offering, the Self Paint T-shirt, that comes with a marker to complete the paint by numbers graphic or customize in whatever way you please. And this is just the beginning, SSSTUFFF now plans on concentrating more on its own designs whilst opening a series of insanely surreal supermarket themed experiential pop-ups across the globe.

Check out SSSTUFFF's latest collection and madcap lookbook video above and head over to the SSSTUFFF online shop here. As a growing brand SSSTUFFF is also open to any retail inquiries so get in contact with them at info@sssstufff.com for more details.

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