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The Force is strong with the Star Wars cash grab, and the latest item to get branding from a galaxy far, far away is the beloved Instant Pot. Williams Sonoma has churned out a range of Instant Pots in appropriate sizing for its associated characters.

The smallest of all is the BB-8 Duo Mini 3QT, which is priced at $79.95. The 6-quart version is outfitted for Darth Vader, R2-D2, and a Storm Trooper for $99.95. Chewbacca gets the biggest one of all, a Duo 8QT for $119.95.

As an added bonus, the pressure cookers come with custom recipes for each character:

  • Darth Vader’s Beef Stew
  • BB-8™ Shrimp Pasta
  • Dark Side Deviled Eggs
  • R2-D2™ Rotisserie Herb Chicken
  • Chewie’s Chili

If Chewie’s Chili doesn’t call for Porg, it’s not canonHead here to add more Star Wars in your kitchen.

Words by Ian Servantes
Staff Writer

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