The Force is strong with the Star Wars cash grab, and one item to get branding from a galaxy far, far away is the beloved Instant Pot. Williams Sonoma has churned out a range of Instant Pots in appropriate sizing for its associated characters, and you can currently get them for discounted prices in celebration of May 4, Star Wars Day.

The smallest of all is the BB-8 Duo Mini 3QT, which is now priced at $60. The 6-quart version is outfitted for Darth Vader, R2-D2, and a Storm Trooper for $80. Chewbacca gets the biggest one of all, a Duo 8QT for $100.

As an added bonus, the pressure cookers come with custom recipes for each character:

  1. Darth Vader's Beef Stew
  2. BB-8™ Shrimp Pasta
  3. Dark Side Deviled Eggs
  4. R2-D2™ Rotisserie Herb Chicken
  5. Chewie's Chili

If Chewie's Chili doesn't call for Porg, it's not canonHead here to add more Star Wars in your kitchen.

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