As plastic straws continue to play a detrimental role when it comes to the ocean and marine life, many establishments have begun to remove them, with the latest being Starbucks, CNN reports. The chain will phase out plastic straws from all of its stores by 2020, a move that will do away with roughly one billion straws each year.

In order to accomplish this task, Starbucks is utilizing a new lid with a raised lip that you can drink from — think of it as an adult sippy cup — as opposed to past designs which require a straw. When straws are needed, the company will use an eco-friendly variation made from paper or compostable plastic.

Starbucks' new lids will begin popping up at select locations this fall, initially in Vancouver, Canada, and Seattle.

For more on the decision to remove plastic straws, visit CNN.

Earlier this year we found out that Starbucks is planning to open a new store every 15 hours in China.

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