The second trailer for Netflix's The Naked Director has just arrived and it's based on the true story of filmmaker Toru Muranishi and Japan's adult film industry. Watch above.

The 10-episode series profiles Muranishi and his quest to revolutionize porn in Japan. Set in Japan's ’80s economic boom, the show chronicles the director's rise to fame, his ambitions, and often awkward setbacks. The trailer above delves into the beginning of Japan's modern-day porn industry and shows the push-back Muranishi received from authorities.

The first full trailer which dropped in mid-June gave us a taste of the excess that attended Japan’s “bubble” era, watch it below.

The Naked Director stars Takayuki Yamada (Isle of Dogs), Shinnosuke Mitsushima (The Big White Tower), and Tetsuji Tamayama (The Vulture). Masaharu Take (The Gun) directs the project, which is slated to land on Netflix on August 8.

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