Heron Preston, a name that should sound familiar to most of you, has published his first book entitled "The Young And The Banging" - The Official "Unofficial" 2008 Downtown NYC Yearbook. "Inspired by both the traditional American high school yearbook and Ezra Petronio’s book "Bold and Beautiful" of Self Service, 15 girls were invited to partner as co-creators to make a downtown NYC yearbook through artistic collaboration. They were asked to highlight the young and creative people around them through Polaroid photography to act as their class photo and given spreads in the book to design in a way that best represented the lifestyle and creativity of those people." The contributors include local favorites Tracy Antonopoulos, Sage Grazer, Rachel Smith, Philippa Price, Nicole Saldana, Louise Erhard, Laura Gerster, Katia Hakko, Kate Brien, Kathy Lo, Julia Tepper, Dana Veraldi, Carly Mark, Anna Skladmann and Amanda Merten. The book can be pre-ordered here. There is a gallery reception in NYC next week, where the images from the book are previewed. Make sure to check it out. After the jump details on the event.

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