Swedish furniture giant IKEA has joined forces with British designer Tom Dixon for a unique modular sofa bed.

IKEA wants the sofa bed to be "hacked," meaning it can assume various manifestations throughout its lifetime. Made up of an extruded "open source" aluminum frame and a wood-slat base, the product is the first to drop from the open platform DELAKTIG range.

Utilizing both the modifiable frame and extensions such as side tables, armrests, pillows, and lamps, you can customize the sofa bed pretty much however you see fit.

Lately, the pair has been working with students worldwide in a bid to invent new twists. Swedish textile design company BEMZ will launch its own covers at some point next year.

Said to be priced between $399 and $899, the flat pack sofa is set to debut at the Milan Furniture Fair later this week.

Staying with rad designs, a Sony Walkman II is the latest entry to Daniel Arsham's "Future Relic" series.

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