Fans have another chance to get their hands on a light sculpture from Tom Sachs' 2016 "Tea Ceremony" exhibition at the Noguchi Museum in New York. The special edition lamp was originally created as a collaboration between the artist and the museum, selling out completely.

Returning to the museum's online store, the lamp costs $1,200 and is a variation of Isamu Noguchi's signature Akari Light Sculptures. Similar to the OG versions, the update is built using lightweight fabric stretched over a minimal frame.

Each lamp in the collection boasts hand-drawn original illustrations by Sachs, depicting his take on a NASA Apollo-era lunar lander. Each piece is unique thanks to Sachs' hand-drawn original artwork, with only 110 variations of the lamp produced. So if you're planning on buying, you'll have to move fast.

For more information, head to the Noguchi Museum.

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