Toys “R” Us recently filed for bankruptcy in U.S. court. As stores begin to close across the country, the company is heavily discounting various Apple Products, as first reported by AppleInsider last Friday and confirmed by users on Reddit.

These discounts are currently only available in stores that are set to close soon and are attempting to dump stock; a quick check online shows that the same products are still being sold at full price at

A user on Reddit posted that he had bought an Apple TV from Toys “R” Us for $75, while Apple charges $149 for the same device. In addition, that same user bought a $54 iPod Nano, which costs around $145 at third-party retailers.

AppleInsider claimed it called five stores and four confirmed that they were also selling Apple products at marked down prices.

Toys “R” Us announced last week that it would close or sell all of its 735 remaining U.S. stores and filed a motion to liquidate its U.S. business.

This has started an “orderly wind-down” of operations and clearance sales at about 170 stores that are set to close in April.

Note that only select stores are currently offering heavily discounted items.

For the full story, head to Business Insider here.

In other news, Apple is now making its own MicroLED screens. Read more on that here.

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