He's baaaaack! After leaving us all hanging with a string of suggestive billboards and teasers, Tyler, the Creator has returned with new music. Though it's runtime is brief, "Lumberjack" is a shot of pure Golf Wang-adrenaline – a departure from the day-glo, electro-funk which characterized 2019's IGOR and a blistering return to the heavy-hitting rap of years past. Suffice to say, this record can't come soon enough.

Equally as enticing is the track's accompanying visual, displaying Tyler's reliably cinematic sensibilities with his signature blend of off-putting panache. The fits are, of course, fantastic, and the array of luggage trunks provide some seriously needed inspiration ahead of our return to traveling, but we are here to discuss one very important thing in particular: nails.

Getting manicured in a pastel shade of mint (to match his Ushanka hat, duh) is the exact sort of summer aesthetic we're here for. In the season of the Hot Vax, it's the little things that count, and selecting a palette that extends from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers is the sort of attention to detail we want to see in a return to public life.

While Tyler is far from revolutionary in the world of male rappers proudly repping manis, our society has yet to reach a place where this can occur without us going to bat for it in an article like this. As our recent conversation with Lil Yachty on this exact subject shows, the stigma is realer than real for men wanting to express themselves with nail art, and every bit of positive reinforcement helps.

So with that in mind, we declare Tyler's "Lumberjack" as the official opening to the Summer of Nail Care. Mind those tips y'all.

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