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Hailing from Cincinnati Ohio, Velva Sheen was founded in 1932 when the brand got its start making basic garments from American-grown cotton. At its peak, the brand was an official manufacturer of garb including t-shirts, sweats and shorts for a selection of American universities as well as the US military. Velva Sheen’s signature t-shirt is characterized by a “tube” design, offering a more comfortable fit and superior durability. While the brand has largely faded into obscurity over the years, the Velva Sheen imprint is still a signifier for quality stateside, as well as in Japan where vintage connoisseurs are helping to revive the brand name.

Today, styles like the Pac t-shirt, the Mock-Twist t-shirt and the Roll t-shirt are making a comeback amongst those with an eye for quality. A number of Velva Sheen products are now being carried at The Bureau Belfast in Ireland and Indigo and Cotton.

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