You think you're excited for summer? Well, Versace just one-uped you. The brand has revealed its beach-ready La Vacanza line and it's as extra as we want summer 2021 to be.

In its latest mini-campaign, the luxury house takes us to the sun-washed coasts of Liguria, Italy to indulge in an over-the-top summer fantasy. With the stunning vista and the clear Mediterranean water as its backdrop, we're tempted to buy a one-way ticket straight to Italy. But alas, what would we even wear on such a trip?

Versace has the answer. La Vacanza's offering of Greca-covered swimwear, silk shirts, bathrobes, and beach essentials makes us want to throw our existing swimwear wardrobe and reinvent ourselves as chic, Versace-wearing models. However, the highlight of the collection is the luxe – and extra AF – Versace surfboard, because why not?

“With this shoot, I wanted to create something fun that captures the spirit of a vacation. We all miss travel,” said Donatella Versace on the campaign. “We miss the excitement of being somewhere different, of meeting with friends and sharing experiences. These images are about enjoying life and feeling free, they encapsulate that summertime feeling of endless possibilities.”

From decadent robes to itty-bitty bikinis with ocean motifs, and bold scarves, the whole collection is as Versace as it gets. If you're like us, you're probably already plotting your trip to Italy with bags full of La Vacanza swimwear. And in that case, all you need to do now is head over to Versace's web store to shop the collection.

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