Filmmaker Mark Romanek is responsible for some of the most iconic music videos of all time. The 57-year-old director has in turn manned shoots for the likes of Michael Jackson, Fiona Apple, Jay Z, Taylor Swift and countless others, and he has subsequently snapped photographs for his own personal collection along the way.

Now in sharing those candid, never-before-seen photos with the world, Romanek presents “Mark Romanek: Snapshots” on display at colette in France.

The selection of photographs, comprised of roughly 30 black and white entries, has never been viewed by the public, and features candid shots of everyone from Kanye West and Jay Z to Johnny Cash, Iggy Pop, Robin Williams, Wes Anderson and beyond.

“I realized I was hanging out with some very talented people and decided to document them. I just always kept it in my pocket — no purpose, no intention,” Romanek said when speaking with The New York Times about his Contax T2 camera. “I made prints of the good ones, and then they all just sat in an Ilford box for something like 20 years. And when I look at them now, they have the patina of age, and they look like the history of an era.”

Now, we all can enjoy these rare images, again, as Romanek's collection of candid photographs can be seen at Colette in Paris (213 rue Saint Honoré) through February 11.

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