While numerous brands tend to follow the same cookie cutter pattern of adopting current mass market trends, vintage apparel will seemingly always be in high demand in a purer form — which is why outlets like Vintage Sponsor have been thriving.

Vintage Sponsor is the brainchild of Matt Roberge. Matt in turn scowers through local thrift shops in New York and Pennsylvania daily, scooping up virtually any quality vintage items he may find, ranging from legendary skate companies such as Shorty’s and Alien Workshop to classic Polo, Nautica and Tommy Hilfiger pieces. Once acquired for the low, he then posts the styles to the Vintage Sponsor Instagram page and flips them for profit.

In addition to running his Vintage Sponsor business to the public via Instagram, Roberge also has a select clientele of skaters and snowboarders that he looks out for.

To see how Matt and Vintage Sponsor got started and what a day in the life of a thrifter is like, press play above.

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