It may be elitist to say that brewing coffee is an art form, however, considering how many people start their day with a cup of coffee, quality is a seriously underrated aspect of our morning routine.

VOOM, a smart coffee scale, aims to change that by giving you the tools to perfectly brew your favorite type of coffee.

Baristas usually weigh their beans down to the 10th of a gram, based on the type of bean and the required intensity of the drink. VOOM does all of that while also keeping track of all your important brewing data and giving real-time brewing instructions.

Built specifically for coffee making, VOOM allows you to select your brew and bean types and scores you on your brewing techniques, allowing you to keep track of your brews and compare them for taste.

Check out VOOM’s Kickerstarter for more information on how the scale can elevate your coffee making.

Speaking of coffee, Starbucks’ holiday cups are now available in store.

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