The World Record Egg and Hulu have teamed up to raise awareness of mental health issues with a new commercial that aired following the Super Bowl last night.

The promotional video focuses primarily on social media, or rather the psychological pressure that can occur as a side effect of using social platforms. “Recently I’ve started to crack,” the advert starts, accompanied by an animation of the egg crumbling to pieces. “The pressure of social media is getting to me.”

“If you’re struggling, talk to someone,” the egg advises before resurrecting to a happier, shell-intact form. Watch above.

The World Record Egg hit headlines last month when it surpassed Kylie Jenner and took the top spot of most-liked picture on Instagram. Now, with 10 million followers, the account has garnered international attention, including a nod from Mental Heath America who thanked it and Hulu for shining light on an issue that affects one in five Americans.

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