A week after warning PS5 customers that their pre-ordered consoles may not arrive on release day, Amazon is now sending a similar message to Xbox Series X customers.

Last night, the tech company sent out an email explaining that customers may not receive the console on the day it is released “due to high demand,”

It's been a chaotic and disappointing preorder season. And now it appears that pre-orders of the Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S are sold out. However, the Xbox Twitter account said that you can “expect more consoles to be available on November 10.”

Earlier this month, information began to surface regarding Microsoft's long-rumored Xbox Series S console. Thanks to a leak via tech journalist Brad Sams, we may have our first glimpse at the next-generation console's design and its cheap price point.

The design concept shows a slick, white console not too dissimilar to the Xbox Series X design, just a little flatter, alongside the Series X controller, which leaked back in August. It appears to feature a black cooling grill and — according to the video below — will be considerably smaller than the Series X. No disc drive is visible, though a USB drive can be seen on the front.

If the leak is correct, the console will retail at $299, which is much more affordable to the rumored $499-599 RRP of the One X. Of course, pricing is subject to change but hopefully, it will remain in the same ballpark. Updates to follow.

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