If you were one of the lucky ones that managed to cop the Xbox Series X console earlier this week, the guys at Microsoft have a message for you: Cheers for buying, but also please stop blowing vape smoke into it because it's making the new machine look faulty af.

Shortly after the launch, videos began circulating on social media showing clouds of smoke erupting from the console's air vents. These clips became part of the post-launch conversation and caused many to think that there are some alarming safety issues with the console.

However, most of these clips were flagged as fake. As it turns out, the billowing clouds are a result of vape smoke being blown into the bottom of the console, which pushed the Xbox guys to issue a PSA that reads:

For what it's worth, Microsoft still has to investigate these issues thoroughly (and is, along with other reports of it not turning on properly, games crashing, and the air vent casing warping and touching the fan), but that doesn't mean that Twitter hasn't been having an absolute field day with this. Take a look at some responses below.

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