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Young Nudy is among rap’s most exciting new prospects. After making a name with his series of Slimeball projects, featuring extensive production work from the ubiquitous Pi’erre Bourne, he’s back in the saddle with the just-released third entry in the series.

Nudy opens up about his latest project, his rocky road to success, working with his cousin 21 Savage and more in an extensive profile with The FADER. See a few of his best quotes below.

On getting kicked out of high school:

“School wasn’t working. I couldn’t get along with that shit. You know how some teachers look at you like you young, so they feel like they can raise they voice and boss up? I used to be the one that wouldn’t let them do that to me. Plus, I already had street shit going on so it really was like, “Fuck that shit.” I got kicked out of school, so it wasn’t like I just dropped out. I ain’t have no choice. I could’ve found some other shit to do, but I just looked at it like, “I’m out of here.””

On working with his cousin, 21 Savage:

“When [21] Savage came out doing his music, when we did “Air It Out.” I was like, “Fuck rap,” but he wanted to do a song together, because my cousin know how to rap. My cousin from the street, so I’m looking at this shit like, “Man, Sav, you taking this shit serious?” I know we know street shit. I wasn’t believing in the rap shit. When [the success] did start coming, I still didn’t give a fuck, because [people were] like, “That’s for him, that’s his blessing.””

On using cartoon samples in his beats:

“Little cartoon shit, because I’m big on cartoons. I might hear some Power Rangers sounds, I might hear some shit that I haven’t heard since I was a little kid, it might just be certain little noises in there that I like. I be liking shit with different weird noises, because I know how to bring me out to those sounds. Motherfuckers be like, “Bro how the hell you be rapping ‘round them beats and shit,” talking about Pi’erre beats. I be like, “I don’t know. I just do that shit.””

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