Young Thug is currently riding high from the recent release of Jeffrey, his new full-length project following last year’s album proper Barter 6. And though the music is a truly stellar collection of tracks exemplifying Thug’s sense of playfulness (there’s a song called “Kanye West” for God’s sake), the album cover has proved to be just as much of a talking point as the songs within. On it, Thug stunts—and looks stunning—in a wildly avant-garde dress. And now thanks to the team at VFILES, you can watch the exact moment where he fell in love with it.

Thug stopped by the New York fashion-retail extraordinaire for a visit with Rox Brown, the store's fabulously colorful Director of VIP Services. After browsing through some of the wares on display, Brown introduces Thug to the work of rising designer Alessandro Trincone, wherein Thug finds the one. Even at this early stage of seeing the dress, he is insistent that this is the dress for his album cover.

As to why he is drawn to it, the closest explanation is that he says it reminds him of the "guy from Mortal Kombat." But of course it's not all work, as he sticks around to give some threesome-themed relationship advice to Brown, together with his fiancee Jerrika Karlae.

Young Thug's new album Jeffrey is out now, which you can download on iTunes.

We recently spoke to Rox Brown in a recent installment of our Wavy Women series. Read our Q&A with her to get the scoop on her role as Director of VIP Services at VFILES.

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