Yung Lean's Sad Boys collective is the latest independent designer to fire shots at a large-scale fast fashion retailer, this time accusing Urban Outfitters of plagiarizing its designs. Sad Boys, which is the clothing imprint run by Yung Lean and his associates, took to Facebook to denounce the store after it started selling designs that looked remarkably like those peddled by the Swedish rap collective.

Urban Outfitters started selling gear adorned with Sad Boys' trademark emoticon logo, with text reading "Yoshi City Nights" — which is again almost direct plagiarism of Yung Lean's tune "Yoshi City." The Facebook post reads "yoshi city belongs to us and our true fans · fuck u Urban Outfitters."

Sad Boys rapper Yung Gud was, unsurprisingly, not kind to the retailer, either.

Head over to Sad Boys's official store to support the real deal. Alternatively, listen to Lean's latest tune "Eye Contact."

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