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Straight out of the archives, Reebok have recreated four of their iconic fitness silhouettes stitch for stitch and presents for Fall 2011 the Classic Vintage Collection.

The Classic Vintage Collection is a celebration of the 80’s when Reebok revolutionized fitness footwear with the Freestyle, Ex-O-Fit, Workout and Classic Leather. But this collection isn’t just a reissue of ‘retro’ models. The sneakers have been replicated with exact precision and aged to deliberately mimic the natural degrading and imperfections that occur over time. The Classic Vintage Collection appears is as if long-lost samples, as close as you can get to the genuine article.

The four silhouettes, the Freestyle Hi, Ex-O-Fit Hi, Workout Low Plus and the Classic Leather, feature subtle aging details, “authentic” glue drips turned golden over time; and garment leather with a distinctive vintage feel and puckered texture in the toe area. Exposed foam panels have typically raw ’80s edging, and all the early labels have been reproduced, down to the use of nylon threads on the tongue tag. The prominent ‘window’ box logo on the side of the shoe has the original squared-off edges and ’80s logo complete with Reebok letters widely spaced out.

Set against a marketplace background full of color pops and crazy geometrics, it was the use of clean all white garment leather that made these four silhouettes so memorable – and instant hits – when they were introduced in the 1980s.

The collection includes men’s and women’s styles, with each model in its straight-up, original form, packaged in the original Union Jack box, itself remade to include the exact standards of ’80s typography and Reebok labeling.

Check out the entire Reebok Classic Vintage Collection, releasing July 2011, in detail after the jump.

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