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The Elrod House is famed for hosting the fight scene in the James Bond film, ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. Over the years, it’s also hosted some Playboy shoots too. The 9000 square foot home designed by John Lautner for interior designer, Arthur Elrod back in 1968, has become quite a pop culture fixture.

Situated in Palm Springs, the 1970’s home was built with a timeless aesthetic designed to counter the desert sun through the use of a concrete domed roof and wedged shaped skylights that let in natural light and add shade. Many prominent features of the house is the lounge area that’s a 60-foot circle, plus two 25 feet glass walls that slide away to open the living area to the outside, at the touch of a button. Elrod rightly planned the spacious house’s interior with an elegant result by way of goat hair carpet and redwood ceilings amidst the stonework, and minimal furniture, leaving the space very open that was ideal for some iconic filming. On the outside, the space makes way for a sauna, swimming pool, t-shaped bath and sun deck, all perfect for pool parties.

Take a good look around the breathtaking Elrod House after the jump.

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