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Hewlett Packard’s (HP)  ‘Spectre One’ is the world’s thinnest superior performance computer. Only 11.5mm thick ‘Spectre One’ is equipped with a glass panel covering the 23.6-inch 1080p full HD screen, plus TrueVision for the lens and a Beats Audio sound system, support for NFC technology, equipped with a high-definition HDMI input, Ethernet interface, card reader  and four USB ports. It comes with 6GB memory, 750GB hard drive, and optional graphics and SSD solid state drive. In addition, ‘Spectre One’ also comes equipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard and multi-touch panel. Users can choose the multi-point gesture operation, which is also similar to Apple’s iMac.

‘Spectre One’ will be on sale from 14th November for 1,299 $.

Click through the gallery above to see some details.

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