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In order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of Reebok‘s most iconic silhouettes, we’ve captured some of the fashion industry’s most renowned figures donning the Insta Pump Fury. First up is YoungJun Koo whose stellar camerawork over the past few years has propelled him to the forefront of street style photography. Based in New York, Koo has steadily developed a reputation for shooting fashion’s most influential players in garments that instantly become must-haves. Not one to slack on style himself, Koo stuck to a subdued color palette from head to toe with the exception of an arresting pop of color through the Insta Pump Fury OG colorway. The sneaker’s striking design is made even more apparent by the textured upper contrasted against Koo’s unique workwear-inspired outfit.

Enjoy the snaps above and stay tuned for more sneaker goodness in the form of the Insta Pump Fury.

Words by Staff