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For the latest installment in our ongoing Reebok Classic Stylists Project, we called upon London-based stylist Atip W to produce a photo series highlighting the popularity of Reebok’s sneakers amongst London’s skate community while staying true to his vision of the classic athletic brand. Featuring the Workout Clean, NPC UK, Ex-O-Fit Clean and womens’ Princess Keith Haring sneakers, the subcultural appeal of skate style and Reebok’s historic place in British skateboarding culture is captured through the colorful editorial.

Styled alongside contemporary pieces like coaches jackets and bucket hats, the low-top, flat-soled, and cushioned sneakers make for perfect skate shoes and it’s easy to see how they have earned such a time-honored place in London’s board culture. Shot in a London skatepark, the project draws on the free and easy fun to be had on a hazy summer’s day and the carefree camaraderie enjoyed during a skate session.

Photographer: Lindsay Armstrong
Stylist: Atip W
Crew: Costa, Gus and Maria
Thanks to Kyle & Jo at The Goodhood Store

Enjoy our latest piece above and check out the Reebok Classic Stylists Project: eVe without adam here.

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